On this page you will find useful website, videos, podcasts and books all on the subject of mental health. Use the menu of the side to easily navigate. *This page is updated regularly


Reach Out |

This website is an excellent resource for teachers, parents, and students! It offers articles, forums, tools, apps, and even how to develop a self-care plan. 


Makie it Ok |

The website contains podcasts (more information below), what to say, stigma, stories and even how to take action.


Hyperbole and a Half |

Comic about depression that provides to be an excellent explanation as well as what not to say.


7 Cups |

The 7 Cups website contains online therapy and free counseling. It also has supportive chat rooms who are going through similar situations or even have overcome such situations. (There is also an app as well for IOS and Andriod.)


Psyialitï |

A good source for online therapy as well as depression and anxiety self-tests. If you are in university, you may be able to get student pricing through your school insurance.


Centre for Global Mental Health |

The Centre for Global Mental Health has many resources including publications, seminar recordings, and monthly newsletters NEW!

The Rehab Center helps connect people to the treatment resources they need. They have an extensive list detailing different types of treatment for a variety of different communities and groups as well as how to get treatment.






The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Comedian Paul Gilmartin interviews people on various mental health topics.


Episodes to listen to: Let's Talk about Suicide Honestly

The Hilarious World of Depression

Host John Moe talks about depression with funny conversations. 


Episodes to listen to: John Green Falls Victim to Some Bad Fiction While Writing His New Book

Ted Radio Hour

Based on TedTalks, these podcasts are just as captivating and informative as its counterparts.

Episodes to listen to: Quiet, A Better You, Headspace

Anxiety Slayer

An anxiety relief podcast that provides tools for PTSD, stress and panic attacks.


Episodes to listen to: What does self-care really mean for anxiety sufferers?


The Dark Place

Hosted by Joel Kutz, producer and crisis hotline volunteer, each episode is an open conversation on mental health.


Episodes to listen to: Danny Lee, Teen Line (A Light Place)

Mentally Ch(ill)

Hosted by two girls, this podcast embraces the comedy of mental illness. Tradjectly Stevie Ryan (host) passed away, but Kristen still posts weekly.


Episodes to listen to: The Mental Illness Happy Hour

The Struggle Bus

Sally Tamarking and Katharine Heller get listeners to write in questions and they answer them with tips and their thoughts.


Episodes to listen to: The Right Tool for the Job, Royals Fever


Mind Over Mood

By:Dennis Greenberger, PhD


A self-help book that is focused on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.



By: Laurie Halse Anderson

A YA novel about the aftermath of an event at a  party and the healing process that follows.



Furiously Happy

By Jenny Lawson

This (second) autobiography deals with Jenny's (author) experiences with mental illnesses. 


The Man Who Couldn't Stop

By: David Adam

The Man Who Couldn't Stop tells various stories about people with obsessive-compulsive disorder.